Cannon House Office Building Renewal Project

The Cannon House Office Building was first occupied in 1908 making it the oldest Congressional Office Building in Washington, DC. As the need for additional office space increased, other buildings were constructed and this original location was referred to as: The "Old" House Office Building. It was later renamed for a former Speaker of the House of Representatives, Joseph Gurney Cannon. In an effort to accommodate new committee members, the building has been renovated many times and is currently 826,000 sqft.

This is a multi-phased project (Phase 0-4) that has a renovation schedule due to be completed in 2024.

In Phase 0, Mona Electric is replacing the existing Main Electrical Distribution and Fire Alarm Systems. Services include (9) 15 Kv Feeders, replacing (9) 1500 Kva MV Network Transformers, replacing (9) Network Protectors, replacing (3) Switchgears, installation of a 2MW Generator, installation of a 3,000 Amp Emergency Switchboard, replacing the Fire alarm system within 3 levels of the garage, installation of a 1200 amp load bank and various other electrical, mechanical and lighting installations. Mona Electric will provide support for future phased renovations.

Phase 1 work consists of the 283,000 sq. ft. Historic Preservation of the United States Congress Members Chambers. This includes all new Electrical & Fire Alarm Systems, Digital Networks, Lighting Control Systems & upgrades to all LED Lighting.

Phase 2 through 4 will continue the building renovation consistent with Phase 1.