Smithsonian National Museum of
African American History and Culture

This new Smithsonian Museum consists of 10 floors (five above and five below ground) with over 350,000 sf. of exhibit and office/administrative space. Mona Electric Group performed all of the base building and exhibit electrical work.  Two (2) 4000 amp draw-out switchgear line-ups provide 480 volt power for the facility.  It utilizes a network of over 100 miles of electrical conduit and nearly 400 miles of copper wire.  The emergency systems are powered by three (3) 400Kw natural gas generators and their associated paralleling switchgear.  Over 8,000 linear feet of Mineral Insulated (Type MI) cable distributes the emergency power throughout the facility.  The base building contains over 14,000 architectural lighting fixtures, an extensive network of lighting control and dimming systems, and a theatrical /stage lighting system for the theatre.   Mona’s Special Systems teams installed a state of the art, high-rise, multiplexed voice-evacuation Fire Alarm system, the Access Control, CCTV, and Intrusion Detection systems, as well as the Information Technology, and Audio/Visual system infrastructures.