The Power of Our People

“Our Strength is our People,” says President and CEO David F. McKay. The company culture at Mona Electric is one that promotes long-term employee tenure. Out of more than 700 employees, many have worked at the company for 15, 20, 25, and even 50 years. It would not be possible to meet and exceed market demands in multiple facets of the electrical industry without our quality employees and the strong leadership team Mona has in place.

Vincent “Cap” Mona – Chairman
David F. McKay – President/CEO
Brian Moorefield – Chief Operating Officer
Alan Freund - Chief Financial Officer
John “Randy” Kurty – Executive Vice President
Jason Howell – Senior Vice President | Service Operations
Doris Daye – Vice President | Life Safety Group
Tony Scott - Vice President | Service
Janet Miller – Vice President | Service Call Center
Connie Wood – Vice President | Corporate
Paul Warren - Vice President
Al Dimuzio – Vice President | Labor
Betty Beach – Assistant Vice President | Human Resources, Safety, and Insurance
Joyce Mothershead – Assistant Vice President | Controller
Donna Myers – Assistant Vice President | Purchasing