Human Genome Sciences Large Scale Manufacturing Facility

This 300,000 SF, three story biotech manufacturing facility will house multiple production trains including medical and buffer prep, mammalian cell culture, harvest & recovery and purification lines. This plant has the mission of creating product. This requires the horsepower of the likes of two 20,000 liter bioreactors, two liquid nitrogen cryo-freezers, three 1,500 ton chillers and three 27,500 pound per hour steam boilers as well as over $50M in other process equipment.

This requires an intense, complex electrical infrastructure. The power requirements include 15KV switchgear, (3) 2250 KW, 15KV generators and (2) 480 KW rotary UPS Systems. This is distributed through (1) 5KV sub, (2) 480V subs and (2) 3000KVA and (4) 7500 KVA transformers. All these systems are controlled through a PLC. The power is distributed through the building using a cable tray system supplying the electrical panels. The large pharmaceutical equipment is supplied by 9 MCC’s with over 80 VFD drives. It will create the product that will propel them into the pharmaceutical market.