Safety at Mona

Mona is committed to safety. We value the importance of training and continually seek to maintain, improve and enhance our safety program. Mona has:

  • A moral responsibility to safety to provide a workplace that is safe and prevents injuries
  • A legal responsibility to provide a safe workplace which is taken seriously
  • An economic incentive to keep our work places safe so that Mona can remain competitive with the lowest levels possible of claims and insurance.

A safe work record is essential for the future of our company and safe work practices are a must. Mona has Osha 500 Certified Safety Managers who continually inspect our projects to make sure each and everyone is OSHA compliant.

We are proud to announce that our MOD rating is presently .61!

Safety Committee

Mona’s Safety Committee members are committed to enforcing and improving our Safety Program on a daily basis and making sure our worksites and our employees have the safest possible working conditions and are using the proper protective equipment at all times.

Safety Training

Mona’s commitment to the safety of our employee’s is a total team effort. Safety is passed down from the owner of the company, through our operation managers and field managers to promote all aspects of safety to our employees on a daily basis. We continually look into the possibility of perceived risks so that safe interventions may be implemented to prevent injuries.

Safety precaution measures are taken to improve safety and reduce risk related to human health. Mona continues to educate, train and provide sufficient personal protection equipment that is required in the construction industry.

Safety education starts from the date of hire where the employees watch our safety message from our owner and review the orientation package. Safety education continues throughout the year with training in 70E awareness, driver training, CPR and First Aid, Osha 30 hour, forklift, confined space, Lock Out/Tag Out, etc.

Mona invests an enormous amount of time and money into their safety program to make it successful because we believe that “Safety Pays Dividends for Life.”